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Wrothgar is a formable country, and can be formed by any nation with Orsimer as their primary culture. It is most commonly formed by playing as Orsimer State or Norvulk at any bookmark and going on to form Orsinium. Wrothgar is very powerful, especially with the Orcish Fury modifier, and dominates Central High Rock. Expansion can occur east into Skyrim, west against the Bretons and Direnii Elves, or South against the Corelanyan Clans. Later Conquest can move in literally any direction, although aggressive expansion will be an issue.

Additionally, if starting as Orsimer State their starting idea includes a colonist. Thus this nation is already well suited for colonizing northern High Rock and moving onwards to Yokuda and Coastal Tamriel. Because the orcs have a limited presence in High Rock aggressive expansion will be problematic unless the player keeps Orsinium ideas which have a powerful National Tradition of -25 Aggressive Expansion Modifier.


From all over the mountains and hills you can hear the wild howling of the hordes of orcs, whose fury does not know the limit. Soon, their wild flocks will gather together to sow chaos and horror in the expanse of Nirn. Get ready... Not everyone will be able to live to see the sunset of the next day.
This event can happen multiple times throughout a campaign
Trigger Conditions
  • Is in the Orsimer Culture Group
  • Does not have the country modifier Orcish Fury
  • Does not have the Orcish Fury timer
Mean Time to Happen

300 Months

  • Add country modifier Orcish Fury. It has the following effects for 10 years:
    • +10% Discipline
    • +25% Land Morale
    • +15% Infantry Combat Ability
    • +15% Cavalry Combat Ability
    • +15% Artillery Combat Ability
  • Add hidden country modifier Orcish Fury Timer for 25 years. (This prevents the event from firing during that time)


Form Kingdom of Wrothgar
Country Formation Decision
Potential Requirements
  • Wrothgar Doesn't Exist
  • Primary Culture is Orsimer
  • Has not formed Wrothgar Before
  • Is Independent
  • Is at Peace
  • Owns the following core provinces:
  1. Orsinium (1391)
  2. Alcaire (7091)
  3. Wind Keep (7050)
  4. Dunlain (7012)
  5. Elanna (1414)
  • Country changes to Wrothgar
  • Government Rank changes to Kingdom (Rank 5 of 10)
  • Gets the modifier "Increased Centralization" for 20 years with the following effects:
    • -0.5 Monthly Autonomy Change
    • +1 National Unrest
  • Gain 25 Prestige
  • Event Option to Change Ideas