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"Whereas other eras began and ended with the assasination or foundation of human empires within Cyrodiil, the first era marked a far more arduous task: the beginnings of recorded history. To many of more modern eras this may seem a simple and by all means natural progression, history is something to be taken for granted, the unrelenting pull of Eros into Omega. However this was not the case for early inhabitants of Tamriel, a disorderly cacophony of children screaming to their gods for attention and acclamation. While time marched on from the creation of Nirn and the early establishments of sentient beings on Tamriel this maelstrom of knots pulling towards their own interests offered no order or reason to the inexorable progression of time. It would take an outcast, a mystic, a madman to break away from the sea of screaming egocentrism and look not in the Now, but towards the future, with consideration of all that has come before. That individual would have to break free of the cacophony and assert a greater purpose and foundation based on the collective upbringing and identity of all peoples with shared goals and interests: a preeminent nationalism. With this powerful goal in mind Eplear Camoran, noble of the Bosmer treethranes of Valenwood, came forth to bring a higher wisdom to the disparate tribes of Valenwood. Rather than assert force to corral the rabble and refuse of Bosmer peoples he used diplomacy and reason to sway those bands into a cohesive nation. This feat takes even greater significance when we recognize that of all sentient races of Tamriel the Bosmer were some of the most unruly and dissatisfied, perhaps even untamable. That is, until Eplear Camoran took the throne and gave new purpose to an entire race. In doing so he allowed the ramifications for enjoying rights and responsibilities in his new kingdom to be not simply based on the might of a single bloodline, but on the collective principles of all Bosmer peoples; the first Bosmer nation, the First Nation: the beginnings of recorded history. This was the great feat of Eplear and the beginnings of not just an empire, but of all empires to come. However his work is not yet complete. While Eplear brought together the disparate and deadly tribes of Bosmer under one banner they are unruly children at best: incapable of understanding and behaving according to a greater logic. For now the only thing holding allegiances of the most stalwart wood elves is fear of might, rather than hearing right. It will be up to the reign of Eplear and the evolving dynasty of his descendants to reign in the Bosmer and declare a unified nation. Otherwise Valenwood will be lost to history… or worse, known as someone else’s subject."

Overview and Strategy

Valenwood nation.png

This page is designed primarily for the Country of Falinesti, although the information herein applies to all bosmer culture nations in Valenwood at game state. Falinesti is a princedom located in the Valenwood region and due to its political situation and immense defensibility is one of the most powerful nations to play as in ESU. With several subjects and uncontested power in Valenwood the player should be relatively safe from foreign threats. These include Wooden Orsimer and Imgan within Valenwood, Khajiits to the east and Colovians to the north. The largest threat early game will be the wood orcs, who have a random event with a mean time of 25 years, that occurs for 10 years, called orcish fury. Orcish Fury is an incredibly powerful modifier which gives orcish troops +25% land morale, 10% discipline, and 15% each infantry, calvary, and artillery combat ability. For this reason players shouldn't be surprised if equal or lesser stacks of orcish troops stackwipe their troops (especially while sieging the mountain fort at Moonmont). If intimidated by ornery orcs, go into battle with a large subject swarm and take advantage of the mission tree which provides claims and army buffs. One point to note about expansion outside of Valenwood is the large HRE presence in Alinor and Cyrodiil, making avenues into those regions quite precarious and limiting excessive growth into Tamriel.

At all but the first start date, which excludes the union over Southpoint, Falinesti begins with 20 provinces and 3 Personal Unions each with 20 provinces. One of the PUs, Southpoint, has 3 vassals and will have rather high liberty desire until it has integrated at least one of its vassals. It is also possible, before the second start date, to simply improve relations with Southpoint to 190 and ask them to be in a PU. Otherwise there's an event for Southpoint about 10 years into the first start date that will give the choice to Southpoint to either be junior partner under Falinesti and receive amazing buffs, become a republic for moderate buffs, or remain independent with large consequences. If nothing else, the mission tree will provide a restoration of union cb over Southpoint, if playing as Falinesti. The last point to note is that, if Southpoint is in a PU and has high liberty desire, and its subjects have LD below 50, the subjects will join the war on your side regardless of their overlord's liberty desire. This makes it possible to go to war and remain at war if Southpoint is a nuisance subject; it is also possible to not engage in battles early on to save manpower, which is then used exclusively to reduce subject liberty desire. This method becomes much more salient when the mission tree is taken into consideration.

This makes Falinesti the only country at any game start (except the first start date) that has over half the inhabited provinces of its region under direct, subject, or indirect subject control (110 out of 200). While this is primarily due to the limited number of provinces in the Valenwood region it is also representative of the Camoran Dynasty's unique political situation and makes Falinesti an extremely formidable nation to play as or against.


Valenwood Mission Cut.png

The Valenwood mission tree is designed to emulate the political unification of Valenwood from a band of rabblesome tribes to the distinct political entity that is the Camoran Dynasty. While Valenwood is known to many who play Elder Scrolls as simply a 'large forest' or 'untamable wasteland' home to the Bosmer, the 'race that's proficient at archery', there is an incredible wealth of history in the area that gives insight into its geopolitical significance in the earliest histories of Tamriel. Valenwood, under the dynasty of Eplear Camoran, would become the first historic empire. Not necessarily the first empire in Nirn, but the first one we can verifiably claim to have risen. For it was with the unification of bosmer clans that history began in the first place.

Thus the mission tree focuses on politically bringing together the various nations situated in Valenwood together into a cohesive Empire.

The Green Pact

The first mission is a freebie, which determines if your dynasty is Camoran or not. If starting as Falinesti or Southpoint the player will receive 20 prestige. The main purpose of this mission is to provide an option if players choose to play a Bosmer minor, to create a Camoran ruler. If your ruling dynasty is not Camoran you will need 2 stab, 90 legitimacy and 25 prestige and the mission will create a new male 20 year old ruler of Camoran dynasty with 100 claim and min of 3 for each monarch point. It should be noted that the requirement for this mission is based off of Falinesti's dynasty, not specifically Camoran. So if starting as a bosmer minor and for some reason Falinesti changes dynasty before the player can complete the second mission, a restart is recommended.

Camoran on the Throne

The next mission requires 3 subjects and introduces a requirement for most missions of the tree, which is each subject having less than 25% liberty desire. This represents the Camoran Dynasty as a political entity, rather than necessarily a force of conquest. It is also serves the purpose of preventing the player (human or AI) from simply completing the entire mission tree in a matter of decades. Completing this mission provides restoration of union CBs on Falinesti and Southpoint. If playing as one or the other one of those can be ignored; the primary reason for including both is to make the tree potentially accessible to all bosmer minors.

Ameliorating Malabal Tor & The Ornery Orcs

From here the mission tree splits into northern and southern Valenwood tracts. If playing as Falinesti, the Ameliorating Malabal Tor mission will be available after the second mission (assuming subjects still have less than 25% LD) and requires you or subjects owning 6 states, those held by Falinesti, Ebon Ro, and Diss at game start. This will provide permanent claims on all wooden orsimer holdings: Moonmont, Thormaria and Estdil states with land morale and discipline buffs to combat the Orcish Fury modifier. The following mission is required for the final mission and involves owning those three states as core provinces (subjects are not eligible) and Moonmont, Thormar Keep, and Estdil not existing. This represents the political situation of the wooden orcs, who inhabited Valenwood prior to Bosmer immigration and are staunchly opposed to Bosmer occupation of the Province.

Gratifying Greenshade

The missions for southern Valenwood involve getting all countries therein under subject control and all bosmer culture provinces will be required to be in direct or subject control to complete the final mission. If playing as Falinesti this part of the tree may take some time, as Southpoint will likely be a junior partner with subjects of its own. Because the requirements of this mission involve having the 5 states (2 under Southpoint control and 3 under its vassal control) under direct or subject control, and at start 3 of those states are under subject's subject control, the player will need to wait until Southpoint annexes its vassals or wait 50 years and integrate Southpoint, giving direct control over its subjects. In the case where, once under a Falinesti PU, Southpoint loses 1-3 of its subjects, those subjects will need to be subjugated or annexed directly; although in many cases when one of Southpoint's subjects becomes free, it will have the Camoran dynasty and can be directly placed under PU. The final part of this mission requires Woodhearth to either be in direct or subject control, or simply have 150 opinion of player. Completing Gratifying Greenshade will give subjugation cbs on Eldenroot, Eagle Vale, and Heaven as well as a free Personal Union over Woodhearth. (if Woodhearth was already in a PU and the mission is completed, this will reset the PU). Subjects will need to have less than 25% liberty desire to complete the mission.

Glory of Grahtwood

The Glory of Grahtwood mission requires Eldenroot, Eagle Vale and Heaven states to be in direct or subject control. If possible, the player may want to rush to get subjugation over Heaven, perhaps long before this mission becomes optional, or at least guarantee Heaven at game start. The reason for this is that Heaven is the only Bosmer nation to border Elsweyr and during the political panopoly of getting all the nations in Valenwood under subject control will inevitably be left without any allies. Because control over bosmer lands is granted through subjugation cbs, and not permanent claims, if the nation doesn't exist the provinces required for the mission will need to be conquered manually. However it is possible to full annex the state of heaven from Khajiit and release it as a vassal, in one war. Further, at game start Eagle Vale is subject under Eldenroot; often Eaqle Vale gains freedom from its overlord (which is why a separate cb is allocated), however, if only Eldenroot is subjugated while Eagle Vale is subject, eldenroot will need to be diploannexed to complete the mission. This mission requires all subjects to have less than 25% LD and will provide subjugation cbs on Marbruk and Barkbite.

Camoran Dynasty

The final mission simply requires you to own the cores required to form Valenwood: Falinesti, Ebon Ro, Diss, Southpoint and Heaven. The liberty desire here is irrelevant. Completing this mission will require diploannexing some rather large PU subjects and should take the player about 100 years from game start to complete. This is taking into account waiting for PUs to be eligible for integration, integration, and dealing with liberty desire. The mission will change the country to Valenwood and assign Empire government rank to the player. Valenwood can only be formed once, so it is recommended not to take the decision before the mission, as the decision will only elevate player to Kingdom government rank. This mission also makes it possible to form Malabal Tor or Greenshade, before forming Valenwood. As those nations cannot form Valenwood by decision.

Placating the Imgan

There is an additional mission after Glory of Grahtwood for subjugating the Imgan, or great apes of Valenwood. Historically the Imgan tried to emulate the Altmer and saw the High Elves as their rightful overlords. Because the bosmer did not require the imgan to unite Valenwood it is not required for the final mission. Further, the imgan follow the Altmeri Pantheon, which means that while they will generally have no allies they will still be under the protection of the Altmeri Pantheon Defender of Faith, who in game generally resides in Summerset or High Rock. This can make complete subjugation or annexation of the Imgans rather tricky.

Trade Missions

Finally, there are three missions available in succession after the first is completed that represent the evolution of the green pact and Bosmer diplomatic relations outside of Valenwood. Due to the green pact, where the Bosmer pledged allegiance to the Great God Y'ffre in return for his patronage, they are not allowed to harm or use any vegetation. This meant that the bosmer were very reliant on foreign trade and formed necessary relations with the surrounding provinces of Summerset and Cyrodiil. These involve improving relations with key countries, having a desired number of ports, number of lvl 3 centers of trade, and in the final mission of this series, have completed a trade idea group.

The specific nations that require 100 opinion for the three missions are Alinor, Ayleid State and Alessian Empire/Order. In each case, if those countries don't exist, then it's required to have an ally in the same region with 100 opinion and the same culture. So for example if playing at the first start date, Ayleid State does not exist, so all that's required is an ally in Heartlands region with 100 opinion and Ayleid culture, such as White-Gold Tower or Bravil. These missions provide increasing trade buffs and some ducats. However, it should be noted that each of these missions give a small negative modifier to domestic trade which represents the Bosmer reliance on foreign trade. Each of these mission will create historical allies between Alinor, Ayleid State, and Allesian Empire+Order respectively for mission, with player.


Walking City:

If player owns the four core provinces of Falinesti, Estdil, Rosewind and Oakwood there will be an event that occurs quite frequently which gives 100 of each monarch point and changes the capital to one of the four locations, changing its name to Falinesti, the province of Falinesti will be renamed Old Falinesti when the capitol moves away from it, and for each other province the original name will return when the capitol moves. There is an additional hidden modifier that lasts for 10 years which gives:

  • -50% Construction Cost
  • -50% Construction Time
  • +50% Defensiveness
  • -50% Local Regiment Cost
  • +50% Recruitment Speed


Wild Hunt:

The Wild Hunt is a disaster that fires for would be invaders of Valenwood and offers up nasty modifiers to whomever springs it, for themselves as well as Bosmer nations. Historically it has been used by the Bosmer to attack and brutalize would-be invaders such as the High King Boras of Skyrim. It involves the Bosmer to dissolve their physical form and become a vaporous ooze that then conglomerates into a nightmarish maelstrom that destroys everything -friends and foes alike- in its path.

During the Wild Hunt the following Modifiers occur:

  • +10% Stability Cost Modifier
  • +25% Harsh Treatment Cost
  • +5 Years of Separatism