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The commitment and tolerance of countries to different religions, cults and sects is an important aspect of the ESU gameplay, which largely determines both the internal policy of the country and relations with it's neighbors. There are five major religious groups: Polytheistic, Occult, Elemental, Daedra, and Harmony with their own subgroups. Each religion may diplomatically form a personal union within their own religious group provided certain criteria are met. Additionally, each religion may propagate themselves through centers of trade, as well as claim defender of the faith, provided the requirements are met.

List of Religions

Polytheistic Group

All religions in the polytheistic group use personal deity mechanics. Additionally if conquered, provinces of these religions have a -1.5 local missionary strength modifier when converting to another religion.

Additionally countries within the polytheistic religious group experience the following negative modifiers:

  • +10% Stability Cost Modifier
  • -10% Foreign Spy Detection
  • -10% Reinforce Speed
  • +10% Unjustified Demands
  • +10% Cost to Fabricate Claims
Name Description Positives Subgroup Notes
Altmeri Pantheon The Altmeri Pantheon is the set of gods worshiped by the Altmer. Derived from Aldmer ancestor worship, it focuses on a select group of spirits from which all Altmer claim descent. Tolerance of True Faith: +2.5

Tolerance of Heretics: +2.5

Snow Elves Pantheon The Snow Elf Pantheon was the set of deities venerated by the Snow Elves of the Merethic Era. Five different Aedra are known to have been worshipped." Religious Unity: +25%

Province War Score Cost: -25%

Nordic Pantheon The Nordic Pantheon is the main religion of the Nordic people. St. Alessia merged this pantheon and the Aldmeri Pantheon to create the religion of the Eight Divines. Recruitment Speed: +25%

Land Force Limit modifier: +25%

Bosmer Pantheon The Bosmeri Pantheon is the set of gods worshiped by the Bosmer. As with the Altmer, the Bosmer worship Auri-El as the king of the gods, and tend to trace their lineages back to him. The most important deity in the Bosmeri pantheon, however, is Y'ffre, who is known as the "spirit of the now" (the present), in contrast with the nature of Auri-El." Land Attrition: -25%

Garrison Size: +25%

Eight Divines The Imperial Pantheon of the Eight Divines consists of the most important religious order in Tamriel. There are five gods and three goddesses. In Cyrodiil, there is a chapel in each major city venerating the divines. There are also wayshrines along the roads that are devoted to the Eight Divines. Many of these gods also appear in various combinations in the pantheons of other cultures. Spy Defense: +25%

Core Creation Cost: -25%

The Divines
Nine Divines The Imperial Pantheon of the Nine Divines, also the Eight and One, consists of the most important religious order in Tamriel. The religion combines the Eight Divines pantheon created by Alessia with the apotheosized form of the founder of the Third Empire, Tiber Septim (Talos), the ninth Divine. There are six gods and three goddesses. In Cyrodiil, there is a chapel in each major city venerating the divines. There are also wayshrines along the roads that are devoted to the Nine Divines. Many of these gods also appear in various combinations in the pantheons of other cultures. Diplomatic Reputation: +1

Prestige Decay: -2.5%

The Divines Requirements: Currently Eight Divines


owns = 1206

owns = 1002

owns = 1369

owns = 271

owns = 820

owns = 1075

owns = 922

owns = 1342

owns = 1275

owns = 1482

Twelve Divines The Twelve Divines, also known as Bretony Pantheon, is the primary religion of the Bretons. The religion worships twelve different entities of the Aedra. Unrest: -2.5

Accepted Cultures: +1

The Divines
Khajit Pantheon The Khajiiti Pantheon is the set of gods worshipped by the Kajiit. Diplo Tech Cost: -10%

Recover Army Morale Speed: +10%

Yokudan Pantheon The Yokudan Pantheon is the set of gods worshiped by the Yokudans. Trade Efficiency: +15%

Light Ship Combat Ability: +15%

Redguard Pantheon The Redguard Pantheon is the set of gods worshiped by the Redguards. Cavalry Cost: -25%

Infantry Combat Ability: +15%

Orcish Pantheon The Orcish Pantheon is the set of gods worshipped by the Orcs. Yearly Army Tradition Decay: -10%

Fort Defense: +10%

Kothri Pantheon The Kothringian Pantheon is the set of gods worshiped by the Kothringi. Fire Damage Received: -15%

Global Trade Power: +25%


Occult Group

All religions in the occult group modify conquered provinces. Such that there is a -2.5% local missionary strength modifier when converting provinces of the occult religious group.

Additionally, countries of the dragon cult religion may take a unique decision every 25 years as long as they are a theocracy and have at least 0 stability to sacrifice their ruler. The immediate effects of this decision are... the ruler dies.

Countries within the occult religious group receive the following negative modifiers:

  • +1 Unrest
  • -1 Tolerance of Heathens
  • -1 Tolerance of Heretics
  • +10% Aggressive Expansion Impact
  • +10% Culture Conversion Cost
Name Description Positives Subgroup Notes
Chimer Pantheon The Chimeri Pantheon is the set of gods, who live on the Red Mountain, worshipped but the Chimer. Missionary Strength: +2.5%

Construction Cost: -25%

Chimeri Fetishist Cult
Tribunal Pantheon The Tribunal, also called Almsivi, is the tribune of Almalexia, Sotha Sil, and Vivec worshiped by the Dunmer as living gods. They reached 'Godhood' after the Battle of Red Mountain and continued to be worshiped until the Red Year. After this the Tribunal were relegated to saints. Governing Capacity: +25%

Discipline: +10%

Chimeri Papacy
Reclamations Pantheon Pantheon of Dunmeri Gods, that were worshiped after the Fall of Tribunal Years of Separatism: -10

Same Culture Advisor Cost: -25%

Chimeri Personal Deities
Cult of the Serpent King Cult based on the worship of the immortal Serpent King. Land Morale: +15%

Harsh Treatment Cost: -50%

Serpent Nahuatl Doom Mechanics
Cult of Reason and Logic A psuedo-atheistic cult that prides itself on exacting logic and deductible reason. Siege Ability: +25%

Improve Relations: +50%

Reason and Logic Holy Site Mechanics
All-Maker Cult Cult based on the worship of the All-Maker, who is the source of all life and creation. Hostile Attrition: +1

Production Efficiency: +25%

Reason and Logic Karma Mechanics
Dragon Cult Cult based on the worship of the mightiest dragons, still living on the Nirn. Stability Cost Modifier: -25%

Warscore Cost vs Other Religions: -25%

Dragon Patriarch Mechanics
Dremoran Pantheon A mysterious religion worshiped by the creatures of Oblivion. Military Tech Cost: -10%

Leader Cost: -50%

Dremoran Syncretic Faith
Cult of the Black Worm The Cult of the Black Worm is a religion followed by necromancers and desecrated undead. Idea cost: -25%

Build Time: -25%

Dremoran Hussite Aspects
Marukhism Religion whose followers deny any manifestation of Mer Culture in everyday life. It was created by the Prophet Marukh and spread by the Alessian Order. Culture Conversion Cost: -25%

Prestige per dev from Conversion: +10%

Marukhism Religious Fervor

Elemental Group

All religions in the elemental group have different religious schools, which, if the conditions are met, allow for a country to invite scholars from various schools for associated benefits. Additionally, there is a local missionary strength modifier of -1% when converting conquered provinces of the elemental group.

Additionally countries within the elemental religious group receive the following negative modifiers:

  • +10% Fort Maintenance
  • +10% State Maintenance
  • +10% Core-Creation Cost
  • -10% Income From Vassals
  • +10% Harsh Treatment Cost
Name Description Positives Subgroup Notes
The Hist The Hist are a race of sentient trees that are said to have once been spread over a wide area of Nirn, but are now almost solely confined to Black Marsh. Some claim that they are the most ancient race on Nirn. They are associated with the Argonians, who venerate them, but they are not worshipped in the traditional sense of the term. Development Cost: -25%

Tolerance of Heathens: +2.5

The Hist Karma Mechanics
Sload Faith Mysterious religion that is worshipped by the Sload. Possible Advisors: +1

Ship Morale Damage Received: -25%

Sloadian Anglican Mechanics
Cult of the Old Gods The religion of mysterious old gods, worshipped by the Halfbloods of the Reach. Advisor Cost: -25%

Army Tradition: +50%

Old Piety Mechanics
Tsaesci Pantheon The Tsaesci Pantheon is the set of gods worshiped by the Tsaesci. Naval Forcelimit: +25%

Vassal Income: +25%

Tsaesci Isolationism Mechanics
Tang Moan Pantheon The Tang Moan Pantheon is the set of gods worshiped by the Tang Moan nation. Reinforce Speed: +25%

Ship Durability: +25%

Tang Moan Mesoamerican Reforms
Kamalian Pantheon The Kamalian Pantheon is the set of gods worshiped by the Kamalian nation. Monthly Autonomy: -0.05

Institution Spread in True Faith Provinces: +25%

Kamalian Inti Reforms
Cult of Ancestor Moth The Cult of Ancestor Moth is a religion whose followers devote themselves to the study of the elder scrolls. Idea cost: -25%

Built Time: -25%

Dremoran Karma Mechanics

Daedric Group

The daedric group also functions as its own subgroup and represents the religions of the daedra, or "not our ancestors," the ethereal beings who split off from the ayleids during the creation of Nirn. The daedric princes have many followers, daedra and mortals alike. Converting daedric provinces to another religion is modified by -1.5% local missionary strength. Additionally each religion in the daedric group has aspects of the faith individualized for the religion, purchased with church power.

Additionally countries within the daedric religious group experience the following negative modifiers:

  • -10% Improve Relations
  • +10 Years of Separatism
  • +10% Diplomatic Annexation Cost
  • +10% Liberty Desire in Subjects
  • +10% Institution Embracement Cost
Name Description Positives Notes
Cult of Molag Bal Molag Bal is the Daedric Prince of domination and enslavement of mortals. His main desire is to harvest and consume the souls of mortals and to bring mortals' souls into his sway by spreading seeds of strife and discord in the mortal realms, as well as merging Nirn with his own realm of Coldharbour. Max Leaders: +1

Mercenary Manpower: +50%

Cult of Meridia The Daedric Prince of Life and Lady of Infinite Energies, Meridia is one of the Princes whose obscurity renders her incomprehensible to most mortals, but is associated with the energy of living things. Manpower: +25%

State Maintenance: -25%

Cult of Mehrunes Dagon Mehrunes Dagon is the Daedric Prince of destruction, change, revolution, energy, and ambition. He is the foe of all mortal races, and has attempted to conquer the physical world Nirn many times. The common reasoning behind his many plots is his belief that Tamriel is in fact a plane of Oblivion which is rightly his. Fire damage: +15%

Looting speed: +50%

Cult of Hermeus Mora Hermaeus Mora is the Daedric Prince of knowledge and memory; his sphere is the scrying of the tides of Fate, of the past and future as read in the stars and heavens. He is not known for being good or evil; he seems to be the keeper of both helpful and destructive knowledge, although he usually sees all seekers of any knowledge as his servants. Tech Cost: -10%

Institution Spread: +25%

Cult of Sheogorath Sheogorath is the Daedric Prince of Madness. His realm in Oblivion is known as the Shivering Isles, otherwise known as the Madhouse or 'The Asylums' by the Imperial Census of Daedra Lords. Unjustified Demands: -25%

Shock Damage: +15%

Cult of Hircine Hircine is the Daedric Prince whose spirit is the hunt; the sports of Daedra; the greatest game and the chase and sacrifice of mortals. He is known by the titles 'The Huntsman of The Princes', 'The Father of Manbeasts' and 'The Hungry Cat' to Khajiits." Cavalry Combat Ability: +15%

Manpower Recovery Speed: +25%

Cult of Nocturnal Nocturnal is the Daedric Prince whose sphere is the night and darkness. She is also known as the Night Mistress and 'Lady Luck.' Nocturnal is sometimes referred to as Ur-dra, referencing her claim as part of the original Void. Spy Efficiency: +25%

Shock Damage Received: -15%

Harmony Group

Religions in the harmony group may use harmonization with other religions. Converting provinces from the harmony group accrues an additional -0.5% local missionary strength modifier.

Additionally countries within the Harmony Group receive the following negative modifiers:

  • -10% Spy Network Construction
  • +10% Recruitment Time
  • +10% Regiment Cost
  • +10% Idea Cost
  • -10% Claim Duration
Name Description Positives Subgroup Notes
Po Tunian Pantheon The Po Tunian Pantheon is the set of gods worshiped by the Po Tunian nation. Admin Tech Cost Modifier: -10%

Mercenary Discipline: +10%

Po Tunian
Cult of Lorelia The Cult of Lorelia is a religion whose followers worship Nereids and other water deities. Aggressive Expansion: -25%

Diplomatic Relations: +1

Unknown Pantheon Unknown Yearly Harmony: +1

Harmonization Speed: +10%

Unknown HRE religion

Additional Information

Holy Cities

The following provinces are the Holy Cities  of each religion. All this means is that if a country of given religion owns their Holy City they will recieve an extra missionary. There is only one for each religion and these cannot stack: changing religions will require owning a new province to recieve the missionary. 

Polytheistic Group

Altmeri Pantheon: Cloudrest (263)

Snow Elves Pantheon: Eldegream (1280)

Nordic Pantheon: Windhelm (1275)

Bosmer Pantheon: Eldenroot (834)

Eight Divines: Frane (5627)

Nine Divines: Imperial City (1204)

Twelve Divines: White Haven (1394)

Khajiiti Pantheon: Atria (942)

Yokudan Pantheon: Samara (355)

Redguard Pantheon: Thedell (1478)

Cult of Malacath: Norvulk (1406)

Kothri Pantheon: Rock Grove (1085)

Occult Group

Chimer Pantheon: Ebonheart (1043)

Tribunal Pantheon: Mournhold (1002)

Reclamations Pantheon: Orear (985)

Cult of the Serpent King: Abbarbas (224)

Cult of Reason and Logic: Kartur (7753)

All-Maker Cult: Skaal (7695)

Dragon Cult: Dragon Sanctuary (1572)

Dremora Pantheon: Ieflaina (448)

Cult of the Black Worm: Necrom (1017)

Marukhism: Alessia (1132)

Elemental Group

The Hist: Soulrest (1087)

Sload Faith: Central Systre ()

Cult of the Old Gods: Glenmoril Coven (1296)

Tsaesci Pantheon: Ionith (700)

Tang Mo Pantheon: Safala (575)

Kamal Pantheon: Nefarious (493)

Cult of the Ancestor Moth: Nerim (5506)

Deadric Group

Cult of Molag Bal: Kvatch (1150)

Cult of Meridia: Messiena ()

Clt of Mehrunes Dagon: Flecia (1233)

Cult of Hermeus Mora: Vulkuneu (1465)

Cult of Sheogorath: Taneth (1482)

Cult of Hircine: Chorrol (5657)

Cult of the Nocturnal: Meen-Deesei (6737)

Harmony Group

Po Tun Pantheon: Nanchung (631)

Cult of Lorelia: Wind Keep (7050)

Unknown Pantheon: Shiung (646)

Church Aspects

The following religions feature aspects of the faith from Protestantism (Daedric group), Coptic Holy Sites (Cult of Reason and Logic) and Anglican (Sloadian Faith). For daedric religions, these cost 100 church power.

Daedric Religions

Cult of Molag Bal
Name 1st Effect 2nd Effect
Blood Rituals +1 Land Leader Fire +1 Land Leader Shock
Enslavement of Mortals -10% Province Warscore Cost -10% Army Recruitment Speed
Eternal Domination -10% Land Attrition +10% Land Forcelimit Modifier
Harvest of Souls +10% Light Ship Trade Power -1% Naval Tradition Decay
Encouragement of Strife -25% Harsh Treatment Cost +10% Global Spy Defense
Abetment to Lust +10% Vassal Income -10% Stability Cost Modifier
Cult of Meridia
Name 1st Effect 2nd Effect
Infinite Energies +10% Production Efficiency -1% Prestige Decay
Purification of Land +10% Land Fire Damage +10% Reinforce Speed
Purge of Undead -10% Mercenary Maintenance Cost +25% Mercenary Manpower
Inspiration of Life +1 Accepted Cultures +25% Rebel Support Efficiency
Light Preservation -10% Unjustified Demands +25% Improve Relations
Worship of Dawn +10% Naval Morale +10% Trade Steering
Cult of Mehrunes Dagon
Name 1st Effect 2nd Effect
Spread Destruction' +10% Siege Ability -10% Infantry Cost
Inception of Revolution' -10% Mercenary Cost -10% Culture Conversion Cost
Energy Patronage -10% Naval Attrition +25% Naval Tradition
Change Approachment +10% Shock Damage +1 Leaders
Aspiration to Ambitions -7% Libert Desire in Subjects +10% Spy Efficiency
Deification of Filth +1 Hostile Attrition +1 Artillery Bonus vs Fort
Cult of Hermeus Mora
Name 1st Effect 2nd Effect
Protection of Knowledge -10% State Maintenance +1 Possible Advisors
Memory Strengthening +25% Drill Gain Modifier -10% Drill Decay
Gratification of Fate +10% Global Tax Modifier +10% Global Tariffs
Perpetuation of Past +25% Army Tradition +10% Garrison Size
Future Provision +5% Administrative Efficiency -10% Development Cost
Vindication of Stars -10% Build Cost -10% Build Time
Cult of Sheogorath
Name 1st Effect 2nd Effect
Falling into Madness +1 Tolerance of the True Faith +1% Missionary Strength
Adoration of Horribilation +1 Naval Leader Manuever +1 Land Leader Siege
Frantic Scrolls -10% Core Creation Cost +10% Manpower Recovery Speed
Submission to Deliration -10% Naval Maintenance Modifier +10% Global Sailor Modifier
Life in Lunacy +25% Privateer Efficiency +5% Recover Naval Morale Speed
Acquiration of Dementia +5% Mercenary Discipline +25% Looting Spread
Cult of Hircine
Name 1st Effect 2nd Effect
Eternal Hunt +25% Cavalry Flanking -10% Regiment Cost
Greatest Games -25% General Cost -10% Shock Damage Received
The Chase +10% Movement Speed -10% Cavalry Cost
Bloodmoon Rituals +10% Ship Durability +10% Sailor Recovery Speed
Bless of Savior +10% Religious Unity +2.5% Yearly Prestige
Merciful Spears -5 Years of Separatism +25% Embargo Efficiency
Cult of Nocturnal
Name 1st Effect 2nd Effect
Night Benison +10% Land Morale -10% Fort Maintenance
Custody of Shadows -10% Idea Cost -10% Advisor Cost
Care of Night +0.5 Diplomatic Reputation +1 Diplomatic Relations
Raven Inclination +1 Tolerance of Heathens +1 Tolerance of Heretics
Gray Cowls +10% Defensiveness -1% Army Tradition Decay
Appeal to Luck -10% Reinforcement Cost -10% Fire Damage Received

Cult of Reason and Logic "Holy Sites"

Research Hubs
Name 1st Eff 2nd Effect 3rd Effect
Caldera -10% Build Cost +10% Defensiveness +25% Build Time
Main Research Hub +1 Advisor -10% Advisor Cost +25% Institution Embracement Cost
Black Reach +10% National Manpower Modifier +10% Manpower Recovery Speed +25% Reinforcement Cost
Aethereal +10% Religious Unity -10% Stability Cost Modifier -25% Spy Defense
Western -10% Core Creation Cost +1 Accepted Cultures +25% Culture Conversion Cost

Sloadian Faith Aspects

The "Anglican aspects" of the Sloadian Faith are available to Thras and any religions converted to Sloadian Faith. Each costs 100 church power.

Sloadian Faith
Name Potential Trigger Effect
Divorce Consort Has "Rights of Man" DLC One of the following must be true
  • Has a consort and a Monarchy
  • Has country modifier "Married Consort Ruler"

All of the following must be true

  • Ruler is not female
  • Is not the lesser partner of a Union
  • Does not have regency Council

If the government is a monarchy, then the consort is divorced.

Else, "Married Consort Ruler" modifier is removed. Country receives +100 admin, diplo and military monarch points and -10 prestige. "Divorced Consort Ruler" modifier is applied for 25 years.

Gain Consort Has "Rights of Man" DLC One of the following must be true
  • Does not have a consort and has a Monarchy
  • Do not have modifiers "Divorced Consort Ruler" or "Married Consort Ruler"

All of the following must be true

  • Ruler is not female
  • Is not the lesser partner of a Union
  • Does not have regency Council
If the government is a monarchy, a female consort is created of the country's nationality.

Else, country gets "Married Consort Ruler" until end of game.

Dissolve Monestaries Does not have 1,000,000 ducats in the treasury Add 25% of one year's income to treasury
Monopolies Does not have 100 mercantilism Add 1 Mercantilism
Stability Stability is less than 3 Add 1 Stability

Cult of Black Worm Aspects

The following aspects are available to Cult of The Black Worm, who use "Hussite" mechanics from the Emperor DLC. These all cost 100 church power.

Cult of Black Worm
Name 1st Effect 2nd Effect
Forbidden Rituals +5% Discipline +10% Cavalry to Infantry Ratio
Forgotten Deities -1 Stab Penalty to Declare No CB War -0.7 Yearly Corruption
Ecstasy of Suffering -1 National Unrest +0.25 Yearly Prestige
Summon the Dead +10% Infantry Combat Ability +25% Possible Mercenaries
Curse the Ghosts +10% Cavalry Combat Ability +10% Caravan Power

DLC Activated Mechanics

DLC Expanded Mechanics Religions Affected

Wealth of Nations

28px-Wealth of Nations.png
Fervor Marukhism
Personal Deities Polytheistic Group

Reclamations Pantheon

El Dorado
28px-El Dorado.png
Mesoamerican Tang Moan Pantheon
Inti Kamalian Pantheon
Nahuatl Cult of the Serpent King
Common Sense
28px-Common Sense.png
Aspects of Faith Daedric Group
Karma All Maker Cult

The Hist

Cult of Ancestor Moth

The Cossacks
28px-The Cossacks.png
Syncretic Faith Dremoran Pantheon
Rights of Man
28px-Rights of Man.png
Holy Sites Cult of Reason and Logic
Fetishist Chimer Pantheon
Mandate of Heaven
28px-Mandate of Heaven.png
Harmony Harmony Group
Isolationist Tsaesci Pantheon
Third Rome
28px-Third Rome.png
Patriarch Dragon Cult
Cradle of Civilization
28px-Cradle of Civilization.png
Piety Cult of Old Gods
Scholarly Schools Elemental Group
Propogate Religion

Convert Subject Provinces

All Religions
Rule Britannia
28px-Rule Britannia.png
Anglican Aspects Sloadian Faith
Papacy Tribunal Pantheon
Hussite Aspects Cult of the Black Worm


The following advisors, all administrative, impact religious mechanics in some form or another. The first value listed is a static modifier, the second is a positive skill scaled modifier. The third is available for Court of Darkness governemnt reform and is a skill scaled negative modifier.

Advisor Static Modifiers Skill Scaled Modifiers Skill Scaled Modifiers (negative) Description Portrait*
Researcher -15% Idea Cost +5,10,15% Institution Spread in True Faith Provinces The researcher is necessary for any regent aiming to stay ahead of the technological curve. While not as interactive as other advisors this member of the court only speaks when they have something worth saying.
Imperial researcher.png
Monk -1.5 National Unrest +0.5,1,1.5% Missionary Strength vs Heretics The monk is an imperative addition for anxious or unpredictable rulers in need of mental discipline and supreme calm. While religiocentric to a degree the primary goal of this advisor is achievening enlightenment of body and mind, thus emanating contentment and stability to the court.
Imperial monk.png
Priest +1.5% Missionary Strength -5,10,15% War Score Cost vs Other Religions This advisor is proficient in many matters of knowledge including tamrielic religions, daedra, history and lore. Additionally priests are known to spend significant time in study, prayer, and upkeep of temples.
Imperial priest.png
Psychopathic Artist +25% Governing Capacity +0.5,1,1.5 Tolerance of Heathens -0.05,0.1,0.15 Inflation Reduction While many advisors prefer to remain at court and observe the day to day affairs this advisor is konwn to spend long hours in front of a blank screen or empty canvas developing their phantasmagoria to completion. Judged for their radical ideas and ecelectic tastes a psychopath may be necessary to paint the bigger picture for more myopic individuals.
CoD psychopathic artist m.png
Occultist +2.5 Tolerance of the True Faith +0.05,0.1,0.15 Prestige per Development from Missionary -5,10,15% Religious Unity Reveling outside the realms of nature and religion the occultist dwells in all things supernatural. While not as specialized as the mage or down to earth as the alchemist this advisor is an excellent resource and knowledgeable not so much in individual fields but in their intersection.
CoD occultist f.png
Mad Scholar -25% Development Cost +0.5,1,1.5 Tolerance of Heretics +0.5,1,1.5 Interest Where a regular scholar fails a mad scholar excels, going into great depths to uncover the fundamental truth of things. One must be cautious not to ask to many questions, however, as this advisor may not provide the answer one seeks.
CoD mad scholar m.png