Elder Scrolls Universalis Wiki

If you wish to play the latest dev version of ESU, or just need an alternative download to the Steam Workshop, then downloading and updating ESU from the version hosted on Gitlab can be a good option.

Note: For any additional assistance, please feel free to join our Discord Server.

Gitlab Download Instructions

  1. Download and Install Github Desktop, or any other Git client of your choice. Instructions are written for Github Desktop.
  2. Create a Dev Mod via EU4 Launcher
    1. Go to All Installed Mods -> Mod Tools -> Create a mod.
    2. In the Name put esu_dev - though, it can be any - just do not use spaces or special characters.
    3. In the Version put 1.0 - though, it can be any number.
    4. In the Directory add esu_dev after the mod/ - remember, that it should match the Name from step 2.2.
    5. In tags select Alternative History - though, you can select anything else - it does not really matter as long as at least one is selected..
    6. Delete descriptor.mod inside the Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis 4\mod\esu_dev\ folder.
  3. Clone the ESU project via GitHub Desktop
    1. Navigate to File -> Clone Repository.
    2. Navigate to the URL tab.
    3. Paste https://gitlab.com/aetherial-mods/Elder-Scrolls-Universalis.git into the URL field.
    4. Set the Local Path field to Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis 4\mod\esu_dev.
      1. IMPORTANT - Git Desktop creates a subfolder in the local path line and names it as the Git Repository is called. So make sure to delete those subfolder in the Local Path address.
      2. If you have forgotten to do so - just cut and paste all the files from the subfolder one level up. So you would have mod/esu_dev/common folder structure.
        1. Note, that sometimes the hidden .git folder is not copied, and the Git Desktop cannot find your repository. In this case press Locate button and set the updated path to your esu_dev folder.
    5. Click "Clone" and wait for the mod to download.
  4. Add the new, local version of ESU to a playset, and you should be good to go!

Updating the Gitlab Version

  1. Open Github Desktop.
  2. Ensure that Elder-Scrolls-Universalis is the active repository.
  3. Click "Fetch Origin" along the top bar.
  4. Click "Pull" to download the latest version.

Removing Git files from your local copy

If you wish to remove the git files from your local copy, you can simply delete the .git folder found inside the Elder-Scrolls-Universalis folder. While this helps save space if you need it, it requires you to follow the full installation steps every time you want to update ESU. The .git folder might not be visible if you have Windows set to not show hidden files and folders.

If you don't mind the using the space required, you could also separate the local copy from Git by copying the contents of Elder-Scrolls-Universalis (except for the .git folder) into another folder inside your /mod/ directory, and then following the regular installation instructions. If you choose to do this, then use this folder's name instead of Elder-Scrolls-Universalis in steps 3.1 and 3.4. To update ESU when installed this way, follow the regular instructions for updating from Gitlab (above), completely delete the files inside your custom ESU folder, then copy in the contents of Elder-Scrolls-Universalis (again, except the .git folder). You don't need to edit the .mod file you created previously.