Elder Scrolls Universalis Wiki

Some of the questions we get asked frequently about ESU. Please check here first to see if your question may have already been answered before asking on the ESU Steam Page or our Discord.


Errors, Bugs, and Crashes

Why does does ESU load the vanilla map? Is it broken?

This is an installation error with Steam Workshop and the Paradox Launcher. Please follow this guide to fix it.

Why are country and province names just random letters and numbers?

ESU only supports playing EU4 in English. Changing your game language to English in the launcher will display the proper names for countries and provinces.

Mod Info

Why are colonial nations not spawning?

ESU requires 15 provinces in a colonial region to form a colonial nation.

How do I form ______ country?

Please refer to the List of Formable Countries, where you can see all formable countries in ESU and their requirements.


Is ESU compatible with other mods?

Generally speaking, no it is not. The sheer scope of changes made by the mod make it impossible to guarantee any kind of compatibility. That said, feel free to try ESU with other mods, but be aware that it could cause unexpected behaviour, and could even corrupt saves in the worst-case scenario.