Elder Scrolls Universalis Wiki

Elder Scrolls Universalis has been in active development since late 2017, and available to the public since January 2019. In that time, the mod has received countless updates by a team of dedicated volunteers. This page will serve to document the details of all current and future updates to ESU for posterity, and future reference.


Version 2.3.3
ESU Version 2.3.3
Date Released 22.02.22
EU4 Version 1.32.2
  • Added 12 dynasty events
  • Improved AI
  • Fixed some Holy Orders
  • Fixed free 1000 adm power on new agenda
  • Fixed Dark Brotherhood spawn event and modifiers of these mechanics
  • 23.02.22 - v2.3.3a
Version 2.3.2
ESU Version 2.3.2
Date Released 20.02.22
EU4 Version 1.32.*
  • A new set of brand new lore-friendly estates
  • Added 3 New buttons for Estate Interaction
  • Brand new Water Colour Map
  • Masser and Secunda Models
  • Hundreds of new event images, updated for the new event window!
  • Added 11 City Terrain types for High Rock, Skyrim and Morrowind
  • Added new Trade Nodes and Trade Companies for Summerset Islands, High Rock, Hammerfell, Skyrim and Morrowind
  • Additional Trade goods added (mostly Oblivion), overall trade goods balanced for new and custom terrains map-wide
  • 8 New Flavour Events for Elven religions
  • 5 new Events for Dark Brotherhood Origin
  • 5 new events for Harmony Religious Group
  • 4 new events for Elemental Religious Group
  • 14 new events for subject overlords
  • 23 new events featuring governmental factions
  • 8 new events for Dragon Cult (Draconic) religion
  • Added 10 estates disasters with unique icons
  • Dozens of new lore-friendly government/ruler names (Jarls for Nords, Protectors and Craftlords for Dwemer, Ashkhans for Chimer, etc.)
  • Added Saint Osla Statue as a new Monument for Cheydinhal
  • Added Statue of Arkay monument
  • Added Wilderking ruler to the Greenheart with 100% heir chance modifier, if the state religion is Bosmer Pantheon
  • Added the Wilderking dynasty to Woodhearth, which has fixed dynasty, while it follows Bosmer Pantheon
  • Added the Wilderking's Throne to Woodhearth
  • Building and Upgrading Canals in Morrowind and Akavir now boost trade power of the respective Trade Node.
  • Added Slave Rebels as a new Rebel Type
  • Added Sacking Mechanics for provinces
  • Added Akykiller Gallery as a new Monument with own decision and event for interaction
  • Added Meridia's Beacon as a new Daedric Artifact
  • Morrowind has had a political layout overhaul, complete with many new tags, flags, and more.
  • Chimer religion has been overhauled
  • Dwemer religion has received some tweaks
  • Updated some estate icons based on feedback
  • Updated some estate privileges based on feedback
  • Replaced the Bravil Monument of Crypt of the Night Mother with Lucky Old Lady
  • Changed Stros M'Kai province and city names, cultures
  • Changed icons for disasters
  • Updated flag glow effect
  • Enabled the serpent sign for the birthsign system
  • Added proper descriptions to birthsign events and modifiers
  • Refactored a bunch of birthsign-related code
  • Slightly boosted the gain of Imperial Authority
  • Updated the daedric "pick aspect" button's icon
  • All female rulers should be able to become the Defender of Faith from now on
  • Updated some sea tile/area/region naming in Topal Bay
  • Updated the Tu'Whacca deity icon
  • Updated the region colours in Skyrim to look a little nicer, and be more distinct from neighbouring regions
  • Optimized some code in the on_startup on action
  • Reduced the Dice side from 10 to 6
  • Sieges do not passively reduce development - it is now handed by sacking event
  • Reduced max possible idea cost bonus
  • Fixed Orgnum's heirs not to be Molag Bal
  • Fixed provinces Woodhearth to make them more lore friendly
  • Added missing Rebels for Students of Magnus and Ayleid Pantheon religions
  • Fixed some events, tied with flavour government reforms
  • Fix of Pirates Spawn Events, Tribunal Elections, Weather-Terrain Events, Changes of Prices
  • Fix of GE Revolution disaster
  • Fix of Orcish Fury Event
  • Fix of Election for Republics and Dutch Elections mechanics for Monarchies
  • Fixed Tribunal (Papacy) interface
  • Fixed Circumnavigation path
  • Fixed Slave Rulers Elections, Republic Elections, Pirate Elections
  • Fixed Reclamations religion spawn
  • Fixed Oblivion Invasion (again)
  • Fixed randomness of lore and flavour events
  • Removed Peace Treaties, granting +1 adm/dip/mil skill to ruler
  • 20.02.22 - v2.3.2a
  • 21.02.22 - v2.3.2b
Version 2.3.1
ESU Version 2.3.1
Date Released 02.01.22
EU4 Version 1.32.*
  • Made the event description font slightly grey, to ease any potential eye-strain.
  • Adjusted some area names to be more lore-accurate.
  • Fixed some spelling/grammar in conquest events
  • Fixed Random events for the Draconic Religion
  • Don't forget to study your Jel.
  • Or else...
  • 02.01.22 - v2.3.1a


Version 2.3.0
ESU Version 2.3.0
Date Released 30.12.21
EU4 Version 1.32.*
  • Conquest info events - Learn about the different regions of Nirn as you expand your territory! (These can be disabled in the mod menu)
  • 54 new Holy Orders with unique bonuses - each religion has 3 of them
  • 12 new random flavour Events for Akaviri Religions
  • The Old Orc event chain - a little easter egg for those familiar with Skyrim or Morrowind
  • Added mechanics, that will reduce your government rank, if you no longer have enough development for it
  • Added new colonial region and trade node to Yokuda
  • Health System was recreated and readded with a bunch of new events.
  • Added State Edicts for nations under Dictatorship rule
  • Added glowing mark for easy countries for people, who are new to ESU
  • Health System was expanded with different flavour text and additional events
  • Updated some daedric deity icons
  • New image for the Halls of Colossus monument
  • Lowered max camera height to fix those red bars on the edges of the screen
  • Reduced the base size of rebels
  • Vassal nations provide +1 manpower instead of +1 force limit
  • Changed chance of music themes for compatibility with Themes of the Old World
  • Reduced the requirements to become a hegemon
  • Reduced the base loan interest to 5% and increased its duration to 75 months
  • Increased the base general, admiral, conquistador and explorer cost to 100 mil/dip points
  • Nerfed drill decay bonuses from governments, ideas and policies
  • Replaced +25% land/naval bonus for Ai nations with -2,5% army/navy tradition decay and added +1 pip to all general/admiral skill
  • Changed negative bonuses of hostile policy towards natives with positive
  • Increased number of regiments under one AI general to 50
  • Nerfed leader cost bonus from governments, ideas and policies
  • AI nations get +15% of religion unity instead of +2,5% heretic missionary strength
  • Recruiting a general no longer boosts army professionalism by 1%
  • Changed Professionalism bonuses
  • Changed war and war exhaustion penalties. Now it should be easier to stay in the war, but more costly to suffer war exhaustion
  • Reduced the basic size of the rebel army back to 3.5
  • Changed the duration of modifiers, given by Flavour religious events from 25 to 10 years
  • Client states can now be created only since 100 and maps can be stolen only since 75 diplomatic technology level
  • Bonuses from sending officers to Marches and having 100% drilled army are nerfed
  • Client states will have +15% manpower instead of 15% army morale
  • Dictatorship rule can no longer be ended by switching the reform
  • It is impossible to start a war between Oblivion and not Oblivion nations if the End Game Crises is not initiated
  • During End-Game Crisis Oblivion nations cannot use Destroy the Great nation Casus Belli
  • AI now has a permanent base resistance for the creation of Personal Union via Diplomatic Action
  • Community Militia increases the autonomy only by 0.05 instead of 0.10
  • The Land and naval maintenance is increased based on your army and navy traditions
  • Buildings should now boost development, when they are built
  • Restored Difficulty bonuses for the player or AI
  • Added glowing effect in the main menu for easy countries
  • Fixed Halls of Colussus name (was "Hall of Colossus")
  • Fixed holiday events to fit 365-day year
  • Fixed triggers for age splendour
  • Fixed interesting nations screen for users with a narrow monitor
  • Fixed PU nations, that for some reason were not monarchies
  • Soul Shriven nations will no longer convert their provinces to the vampire culture
  • Fixed spawn of 8 divines religion before its foundation
  • Fixed Peasant War disaster, triggered on start by low manpower
  • Fixed declaring war on your subject nation via lore event
  • Fixed a travel issue with Oblivion Gates
  • Fixed Canals and Oblivion Gates
  • Fixed some event pictures for the Linux users
  • Fixed missing deities for the Ayleid pantheon
  • 30.12.21 - v2.3.0a - Update of Localisation files for non-English languages.
  • 30.12.21 - v2.3.0b - Fix of unexpected rank increase
  • 02.01.22 x2
Version 2.2.9
ESU Version 2.2.9
Date Released 04.12.21
EU4 Version 1.32.*
  • Ayleid Religion
  • Students of Magnus Religion
  • Updated some daedric deity icons
  • Updated the mod to 1.32.2
  • Small rebalance of Subject Types, Absolutism and War Taxes
  • Fixed 3 CTD issues
  • Fixed a number of freezes
  • Improved performance in the mid-game
  • Various bug fixes of missions, events, decisions
  • 04.12.21 - v2.2.9a
  • 07.12.21 - v2.2.9b
Version 2.2.8
ESU Version 2.2.8
Date Released 30.11.21
EU4 Version 1.32.*
  • Kothringi Models
  • Reachmen Models
  • 5 New events for Ayleids of Cyrodiil
  • 2 new decisions
  • New Casus belli
  • 11 Flavour Religious events for Yokudan and Redguard Pantheons
  • The birthsign event now shows the modifiers that the birthsign applies.
  • Update of Ayleid Unit models
  • Increased the unrest bonus from high stability
  • Increased chance of Ice Age event
  • Fix of various small bugs
Version 2.2.7
ESU Version 2.2.7
Date Released 20.11.21
EU4 Version 1.32.*
  • Altmeri Mission Tree
  • Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant and Ebonheart Pact nations
  • 3 New events for Altmeri Mission Tree
  • Change the Fine for Converting provinces to Soul-Shriven via decision
  • Fixes of various events and other minor issues
Version 2.2.6
ESU Version 2.2.6
Date Released 15.11.21
EU4 Version 1.32
  • New Loading Screen
  • Overhaul of Edicts
  • Fix of Soul Schriven events and Decisions
Version 2.2.5
ESU Version 2.2.5
Date Released 14.11.21
EU4 Version 1.32.*
  • Updated the institution tech-cost penalty icons so that the colourizing effect is subtler, letting you see the icon more clearly.
  • Fix of Personal Deities
  • Fix of Great Plague Event, triggered on start
  • Fix of the position of the Alabaster port
  • Temporary deleted all State Edicts, because the 2.2.5 occured to be a hotfix update and Edicts were overhauled at that moment.
Version 2.2.4
ESU Version 2.2.4
Date Released 12.11.21
EU4 Version 1.32.0
  • Atmoran Missions
  • Overhaul of Isolationism for Tsaesci
  • New event to create Roscrea as Personal Union (Part of Atmoran Mission Tree)
  • New Mission tree for Glacial nations.
  • New Mission tree for Sea Giants nations.
  • New Mission tree for Frost Giants nations.
  • New Mission tree for Giants nations.
  • 5 New events for Nordic Pantheon
  • 2 New events for All-Maker Cult
  • 1 New event for Hist religion
  • 6 New events for religions in Elemental group.
  • Added interctions with estates via flvaour religion events.
  • Castle Volkihar Monument
  • Integration of Peace Treaties Expanded
  • 16 new religion random events
  • 6 new religion random events for Akavir nations
  • New CB for Tsaesci - less peace cost, but more AE
  • New Terrain - Orcish Stronghold
  • 7 New High Rock Monuments
  • 3 new Decisions for Soul Schriven nations, featuring culture convertion, reverse convertion and liberation from Molag Bal's influence.
  • Addition of Cawa units as the Noible Warriors
  • 1.32.* Compatibility changes of institutions and technology
  • Government reform balancing
  • Players from Nirn cannot ask for military access to Oblivion nations and vice versa
  • Governments with Militarism mechanics no longer get gov capacity bonuses from government reform type
  • Militarism is no longer limited by province number, but by governmental capacity
  • Changed unit pips so that defensive/offensive versions of each unit are balanced.
  • Rebalance of Karma modifiers.
  • Health mechanics is now relying on ruler lifespan modifier
  • Increased the opinion penalties for heretic/heathen religions.
  • Update of the Thumbnail to 1.32
  • Nerf of Manpower Pool and Manpower Recovery Speed modifiers
  • Decrease in governemnt capacity from technologies
  • Church power (Protestant mechanics) gain is reduced, the cost of Chirch Aspects is increased. Sloads faith's aspect cost is rebalance to meet those changes.
  • Nerf of Religion Unity modifiers
  • Buildings now increase development, when the are built
  • Fixed weird wasteland visibility
  • Fixed various typos in localisation
  • Fixed the Aetherium trade good event only firing for players
  • Fixed some errors in the river map
  • Fixed too long names for Missions
  • Fixed province highlighting for Skyrim Missions
  • Fixed the Portal bug, when players could cross it if they ask for military access
  • Fix of the AI, declaring war, when he has internal problems
  • Fix of Dwemer Disappearence event - added 3 Dwemer cultures there
  • Fix of Vassal Vs Vassal wars, that could ended in release of independent nation or return of cores to independent nations
  • Fix of Culture based opinion mechanics
  • Fixed a typo in institution event titles
  • Fix of Opinion Mechanics
  • Various small bugfixes
  • Fix of spelling errors
  • Fixed TI around Red Mountain
  • Fixed Nethar (1195)'s name (hopefully)
  • Fixed faction influence modifier icons
  • Fix of 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Scenarios
  • Removed all forbidden tags
  • Fixed issue with the Ritual Birthsign's aspect modifiers
  • Fixed missing vampire flavour event
  • Fix of Custom Ideas for randomly generated nations
  • Fix of trade goods bonuses for Dwemer Metal and Nirncrux
  • Removed remnants of Kamal from the map
  • Removed French localisation as it was working poorly. It will be eplaced with English until a proper fix would be provided.
  • Removed old institution birthplace modifiers
Version 2.2.3
ESU Version 2.2.3
Date Released 3.10.2021
EU4 Version 1.31.6
  • Custom Icons for Yokudan-Redguard and Sinistral Missions
  • Fix of Custom Units for Kothringi nations
  • Fix of loop in Skyrim Missions
  • Fix of abandoned native provinces with 1000 settlers
  • Fix of decision to form Shadowfen
Version 2.2.2
ESU Version 2.2.2
Date Released 30.09.2021
EU4 Version 1.31.6
  • Custom unit types based on culture/culture group
  • Custom ship types based on culture/culture group
  • New Monuments for Oblivion and Coldharbour
  • New governemnt reforms for Native Tribes
  • Model for the White-Gold Tower's walls
  • Decisions for Dwemers, AI (Fort Building)
  • New Countries - Minotaur Tribe, Mzeneldtan
  • New Decisions - Formation of Minotaur Tribe
  • New events - for Eight Divines, Minotaurs, Aedric Religions.
  • Added Watercolour Map
  • New Skyrim Mission tree (for all nordic nations)
  • Overhaul of Mission Icons
  • Reachmen Clan Names
  • Daedric events have better conditions for firing
  • Political Map of Skyrim, Cyrodiil for Alessian Revolt bookmark
  • Diplomatic Map of Skyrim for Alessian Revolt bookmark
  • Rebalance of defines.lua to improve AI and gameplay
  • Rebalance of static modifiers to improve AI and gameplay
  • Rebalance of Decisions and Events to fit addition of new provinces
  • Decreased religion spread via reformation centers in twice
  • Blocked Caravan Policy decision for Migrating Tribes
  • Some terrain change in Coldharbour
  • Rebalance of Country Collapse Events to imprve gameplay
  • Rebalance of Ice Age disaster - decay of colonies should take more time
  • Split Red Mountain into several provinces, and integerated the area into the Vvardenfell region and trade node.
  • Change Icons for Tsaesci Incidents (Incidents themselves are still not changed)
  • Adaptation of Revolution Center event - it can spawn after 1200 year
  • Removed Tech Restriction for colonisation of provinces
  • Fixed typo in the spelling of "Atronach"
  • Fixes of missplelling + accourding to British spelling rules
  • Removed second type of artillery
  • Removed lots of vanilla events that were not lore-friendly
  • Changed the code-names of some religions and religion groups to be more consistent and maintainable
  • 1.10.2021
  • 1.10.2021